Greater Orlando
Hunter Jumper Association

Member Barn Directory
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  AAA Equestrian Center
Owner:   Ana Garcia
Trainers:   April Plourde
Address:   1800 Gregory Road
Orlando, Florida 32825
Phone:   (321)229-9857

  Ashmore Equestrian Center
Owner:   Hilda Donahue
Trainers:   Hilda Donahue
Caroline Spirduso
Kara Johannsohn
Address:   7700 Stone Road
Apopka, Florida 32703
Phone:   (407) 884-9292

  Barrett Farm
Owner:   Jacque Gellein
Trainers:   Jacque Gellein
Laura Gurtis
Jenelle Holmes
Marilyn Kiester
Address:   5100 Double R Lane
Oviedo, Florida 32765
Phone:   (407) 365-5456
  Becerra Stables
Owner:   Pilar Becerra
Trainers:   Nathalie Becerra & Olivia Owens
Address:   5841 Tamanaco Trail
Orlando, FL 32817
Phone:   (407)-672-3093

  Bridlewood Farm
Owner:   Lindsay Alvarado
Trainers:   Lindsay Alvarado
Allison Clarke
Address:   555 Snow Hill Road
Geneva, Florida 32732
Phone:   (407) 489-7657
  Brookmore Farms
Owner:   Peggy Stevens
Trainers:   Peggy Stevens
Doug Simpson
Liz Cloutier
Address:   900 Chapman Road
Oviedo, Florida 32765
Phone:   (407) 365-8604

  Class Act Farm
Owner:   Jennie Jarnstrom
Trainers:   Jennie Jarnstrom
Kathleen Fiske
Address:   2300 Coral Hills Road
Apopka, Florida 32703
Phone:   (407) 889-9816

  Claudia Heath Farm
Owner:   Claudia Heath
Trainers:   Claudia Heath
Address:   425 Faye Street
Apopka, FL 32712
Phone:   (407) 402 6454

  Davis Equestrian
Owner:   Melissa Davis
Trainers:   Melissa Davis
Address:   305 Tripp Road
Geneva, FL 32732
Phone:   (407) 247-6541
  Encore Equestrian Center
Owner:   Matt & Elizabeth I. Jett
Trainers:   Elizabeth I. Jett

110 Shawnee Trail
Geneva, Florida 32732

Phone:   (407)-721-6474

  Fox Cry Farms
Owner:   Donna Pierce
Trainers:   n/a
Address:   Chuluota, Florida
Phone:   (407) 365-5909

  Jumpin' Over
Owner:   Melissa Callanan-Cherepy
Trainers:   Melissa Callanan-Cherepy
Address:   Orlando, Florida
Phone:   (321) 354-4127

  Kennedy Grove Stables
Owner:   Kelly Simpson
Trainers:   Kelly Simpson
Roberto Teran
Address:   2055 Chase Hammock Road
Merritt Island, FL 32953
Phone:   (321)453-5918

  Mardebri Manor
Owner:   Debbie Bjerkestrand
Trainers:   Debbie Bjerkestrand
Address:   3971 Markham Woods Road
Longwood, Florida 32779
Phone:   (407) 221-5001

  Martin Farms
Owner:   Mark Martin
Trainers:   Mark Martin
Outside trainers welcome
Address:   1875 North Division Street
Oviedo, FL 32762
Phone:   (407) 618-6522
(352) 321-9807
(407) 535-0779

  Meliora Stables
Owner:   Heather & Mike Bristol
Trainers:   Heather Bristol
Address:   4950 South Sanford Avenue
Sanford, Florida 32773
Phone:   (407)-925-4417

  Over the Hill Farm
Owner:   Bill Schaub
Trainers:   Bill Schaub
Melissa Vander Vennet
Molly Sewell
Address:   5010 Thomas Stable Road
Sanford, Florida 32773
Phone:   (407) 322-1912

  Quail Roost Hunter Farm
Owner:   The Isaacson Family
Trainers:   Elizabeth Isaacson Jett
Address:   1201 Willingham Road
Chuluota, Florida 32766
Phone:   (407) 716-2578

  Seabreeze Farm
Owner:   Wendy & Ezequiel Peralta
Trainers:   Wendy Peralta
Ezequiel Peralta
Nikko Ritter
Address:   505 Old Mims Road
Geneva, Florida 32732
Phone:   (407) 349-9088

  Shadow Creek Stables
Owner:   Kelly Chesser
Trainers:   Kelly Chesser
Address:   33243 Bint Ibn Lane
Sorrento, Florida 32776
Phone:   (407) 466-5615

Owner:   Jennifer Medlock
Trainers:   Jennifer Medlock
Address:   1465 Myrtle Street
Sanford, Florida 32771
(407) 312-5594

  Snow Kissed Stables
Owner:   Suzanne Muchow
Trainers:   Suzanne Muchow
Address:   13919 Bay Lake Road,
Orlando, FL  32808
Phone:   (407) 325-5562

  Stainthorpe Equestrian
Owner:   Brook Stainthorpe
Trainers:   Brook Stainthorpe
Address:   Orlando Area
Phone:   (321)954-6453

  Sweet Music Farms
Owner:   Kathy Viola
Trainers:   Kathy Viola
Christa McMillan
Address:   9868 Kilgore Road
Orlando, Florida  32836
Phone:   (407) 909-1603

  Turning Point Equestrian Centre
Owner:   Ali Collier-Harvey
Trainers:   Ali Collier-Harvey
Carol McCarthey
Address:   418 Springknoll Lane
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
Phone:   (407) 455-0607

  UCF Equestrian Club
Owner:   University of Central Florida
Trainers:   Lesli Isaacson - Hunt Seat
Ali Collier-Harvey - Dressage Seat
Ken Najorka - Western Seat
Address:   Orlando, Florida
Phone:   Lesli - (407) 463-2113
Ali - (407) 455-0607
Ken - (407) 721-9711

  Waters Edge Stables
Owner:   Waddy Oursler
Trainers:   Waddy Oursler
Charlotte Ray
Address:   3919 Bay Lake Road
Orlando, Florida 32808
Phone:   (407) 492-3509

  WB Equestrian
Owner:   Marcello & Sally Barros
Trainers:   Marcello Barros
Tracy Masterson

1731 Lake Markham Road
Sanford, Florida 32771
Phone:   (407) 256-9743

  WestWood Farms
Owner:   Jane Losin
Trainers:   Steve Hawkins
Address:   1815 Gregory Road
Orlando, Florida 32825
Phone:   (248) 505-6620 (Jane)
(407) 473-7374 (Steve)

  Wendover Place
Owner:   Wendy Trocano
Trainers:   Wendy Trocano
Lesli Isaacson
Address:   5752 Rocking Horse Road
Orlando, Florida 32817
Phone:   (407) 679-9595