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IMPORTANT:  These standings are are not final and are subject to change/correction until the November Awards Banquet.
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Benefit Show Advertising, Sponsorships and Silent Auction Donations

If you are interested in advertising in the April Benefit horse show prize list, sponsoring a Classic or division, or making a donation for the silent auction, please complete the appropriate form below.  If you have any questions, please contact Jovanna Nelson at or (407) 542-4929.
Link to Benefit Show Advertising and Sponsorship Form:  Ad/Sponsor Form
Link to Benefit Show Silent Auction Donation Form:  Silent Auction Form

Congratulations 2014 GOHJA Champions
Complete year-end results are posted in the Results Archive below.

Level 0 Open Jumper:  Broadway Joe
Level 1 Open Jumper:  Bada Bing
Children's/Amateur Jumper:  Ferrous
Open Hunter:  DaVinci
Junior/Amateur Hunter:  DaVinci
Schooling Hunter:  The Power Play
Green Hunter:  The Power Play
Baby Green Hunter (Dec-May):  Spumante
Baby Green Hunter (June-Nov):  Summer Breeze
Low Hunter:  Ghirardelli
Modified Hunter:  Twisted Addiction
High Children's Hunter:  Big Wheel
Low Children's Hunter:  Big Wheel
Low Adult Hunter:  Cramer
Children's Pony Hunter:  Daddy's Dollar
Cross Rail Hunter (Dec-May) Section A:  Wish Upon A Star
Cross Rail Hunter (Dec-May) Section B:  Ghirardelli
Cross Rail Hunter (June-Nov) Section A:  Supernatural
Cross Rail Hunter (June-Nov) Section B:  Lark's Lil Big Shot
Walk Trot 12 & Younger (Dec-May):  Ava Rose Bryan
Walk Trot 12 & Younger (June-Nov):  Isabella Fuller
Walk Trot 13 & Older (Dec-May):  Katherine Branca
Walk Trot 13 & Older (June-Nov):  Beth Schaefer
Short Stirrups (Dec-May):  Alexandra Cisneros
Short Stirrups (June-Nov):  Alexandra Cisneros
Long Stirrups (Dec-May):  Lauren Parslow
Long Stirrups (June-Nov):  Mallory Fritz
Cross Rails Equitation (Dec-May):  Jesse Maguire
Cross Rails Equitation (Dec-May):  Emma Faldo
Open Equitation:  Melanie Shor
Equitation 11&Younger:  Sophia Baron
Equitation 12-14:  Hannah Clark
Equitation 15-17:  Molly Murtha
Adult Equitation:  Mia O'Brien
Medal:  Georgie Hammond
MIni-Medal:  Christine Potthast
Pony Medal:  Courtney Davis
High Point Jumper:  Broadway Joe & Ferrous (tie)
High Point Horse:  The Power Play
High Point Rider:  Molly Murtha
High Point Equitation Rider:  Molly Murtha

Marshall & Sterling Points

Please note that although Marshall & Sterling classes may be offered at GOHJA sanctioned horse shows, the individual show management is responsible for all aspects of the Marshall & Sterling classes that they choose to offer, including rules enforcement and points reporting.  The GOHJA Recording Secretary does not handle M&S points and the GOHJA steward does not police M&S rules.  If you have concerns about a M&S class or points, please contact the show manager for the show in question directly.  Link to M&S Rules:  Marshall & Sterling Rules

Marshall & Sterling Classes

Please note that M&S classes require three exhibitors to complete the course in order to receive M&S points.  GOHJA will run the class if three entries are received and in some cases classes may be combined in order to have at least three entries.  However, if three exhibitors do not complete course (i.e. they go off course or fall off), then M&S will not award points for that class.

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Show Dates/Prize Lists
December 1, 2014
2015 Show Season Starts
Membership Form
                    Horse Registration Form
April 24-25, 2015
GOHJA Benefit Horse Show
Prize List
May 29-30, 2015
Over the Hill Farm Horse Show
Combined with May 31 Wendover Place Horse Show
Prize List
May 31, 2015
Wendover Place Horse Show
Combined with May 29-30 Over the HIll Farm Horse Show
Prize List
June, 2015
No Horse Show
July, 2015
No Horse Show
August 21-22, 2015
Over the Hill Farm Horse Show
Prize List
September, 2015
No Horse Show
October 2-3-4, 2015
Barrett Farm Horse Show
Note:  This is a two show weekend
Prize List
November 6-7, 2015
Fox Cry Farms Horse Show
Prize List
November 21, 2015
Year-End Awards Banquet
Orlando Marriot Lake Mary
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The Sportsman's Charter
That sport is something done for the fun of doing it and that it ceases to be sport when it becomes a business only, something done for what there is in it;

That amateurism is something of the heart and spirit - not a matter of exact technical qualifications;

That good manners of sport are fundamentally important;

That the code must be strictly upheld;

That the whole structure of sport is not only preserved from the absurdity of undue importance, but is justified by a kind of romance which animates it, and by the positive virtues or courage, patience, good temper, and unselfishness which are demanded by the code;

That the exploitation of sport for profit alone kills the spirit and retains only the husk and semblance of the thing;.

That the qualities of frankness, courage, and sincerity which mark the good sportsman in private life shall mark the discussions of his interests at a competition.

Reprinted from the USEF Rule Book.
All GOHJA members and exhibitors are subject to this code.
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Standard Class Numbers
Classes are not required to be offered in this order.
# Class Height
1 Level 0 Open Jumper 2'6" / 2'9"
2 Level 0 Open Jumper 2'6" / 2'9"
3 Children's/Amateur Jumper 3'0"
4 Children's/Amateur Jumper 3'0"
5 Level 1 Open Jumper 3'0" / 3'3"
6 Level 1 Open Jumper 3'0" / 3'3"
7 Schooling Hunter 2'9"
8 Schooling Hunter 2'9"
9 Schooling Hunter U/S n/a
10 Green Hunter 2'9" / 3'3"
11 Green Hunter 2'9" / 3'3"
12 Green Hunter U/S n/a
16 Junior/Amateur Hunter 3'3"
17 Junior/Amateur Hunter 3'3"
18 Junior/Amateur Hunter U/S n/a
19 Open Hunter 3'0" / 3'3"
20 Open Hunter 3'0" / 3'3"
21 Open Hunter U/S n/a
22 Low Adult Hunter 2'6"
23 Low Adult Hunter 2'6"
24 Low Adult Hunter U/S n/a
25 High Adult Hunter 3'0"
26 High Adult Hunter 3'0"
27 High Adult Hunter U/S n/a
28 Low Hunter 2'6"
29 Low Hunter 2'6"
30 Low Hunter U/S n/a
31 Low Children's Hunter 2'6"
32 Low Children's Hunter 2'6"
33 Low Children's Hunter U/S n/a
34 High Children's Hunter 3'0"
35 High Children's Hunter 3'0"
36 High Children's Hunter U/S n/a
37 Modified Hunter 2'3"
38 Modified Hunter 2'3"
39 Modified Hunter U/S n/a
40 Children's Pony Hunter 2'0" Sm/Med
2'6" Large
41 Children's Pony Hunter 2'0" Sm/Med
2'6" Large
42 Children's Pony Hunter U/S n/a
43 Cross Rail Hunter 15"
44 Cross Rail Hunter 15"
45 Cross Rail Hunter U/S n/a
46 Leadline n/a
47 Walk Trot 12&Younger Equitation n/a
48 Walk Trot 12&Younger Pleasure n/a
49 Walk Trot 12&Younger Hunter Hack poles
50 Short Stirrups Equitation 2'0"
51 Short Stirrups Hunter 2'0"
52 Short Stirrups Equitation Flat n/a
53 Short Stirrups Hunter Hack 2'0"
54 Long Stirrups Equitation 2'0"
55 Long Stirrups Hunter 2'0"
56 Long Stirrups Equitation Flat n/a
57 Long Stirrups Hunter Hack 2'0"
58 Equitation 11&Younger 2'3"
59 Equitation 11&Younger Flat n/a
60 Equitation 12-14 2'9"
61 Equitation 12-14 Flat n/a
62 Equitation 15-17 3'0"
63 Equitation 15-17 Flat n/a
64 Adult Equitation 2'6" / 3'0"
65 Adult Equitation Flat n/a
66 GOHJA Medal 2'6" / 3'0"
67 GOHJA Mini-Medal 2'9"
68 GOHJA Pony Medal 2'0" Sm/Med
2'6" Large
69 Cross Rail Equitation 15"
70 Cross Rail Equitation 15"
71 Cross Rail Equitation Flat n/a
72 Baby Green Hunter 2'0"
73 Baby Green Hunter 2'0"
74 Baby Green Hunter U/S n/a
75 Open Equitation 2'0" / 2'6"
76 Open Equitation Flat n/a
77 Walk Trot 13&Older Equitation n/a
78 Walk Trot 13&Older Pleasure n/a
79 Walk Trot 13&Older Hunter Hack poles
80 GOHJA Open Medal 2'0" / 2'6"
  Nonsanctioned Classes (optional)  
101 Training Hunter, Hunter Ring varies
102 Training Hunter, Pony Ring varies
103 Training Hunter, Pony Ring, Friday varies
104 Training Jumper varies
120 Marshall & Sterling Adult Amateur Hunter Classic 3'0"
121 Marshall & Sterling Children's Hunter Classic (Horse) 3'0"
122 Marshall & Sterling Children's Hunter Classic (Pony) 2'0" Sm/Med
2'6" Large
123 Marshall & Sterling Bit o' Straw Hunter Classic 2'6"
124 Marshall & Sterling Junior Medal 3'6"
125 Marshall & Sterling Adult Medal 3'0"
126 Sore No More Children's Horse Medal 3'0"
127 Marshall & Sterling Children's Pony Medal 2'0" Sm/Med
2'6" Large
128 Marshall & Sterling Children's Horse Medal 2'6"
129 Marshall & Sterling Adult Medal 2'6"
130 Marshall & Sterling Junior/Amateur Horsemanship Medal 3'3"
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Clarcona Horse Park
3535 Damon Road
Apopka, FL 32703
Show Office:  407-886-9761 (during show only)

Driving directions from Interstate 4:
Exit at SR408 Westbound (exit #82A)
West on SR408 (toll)
Exit at Hiawassee (exit #4)
North (right) on Hiawassee Road
Left on Silver Star Road
Right on Apopka-Vineland Road
Left on McCormick Road
Right on Damon Road
Right into the Park
Driving directions from Florida's Turnpike:
Exit at SR429 Northbound (exit #267A)
North on SR429 (toll)
Exit at West Road (exit #26)
West (left) on West Road
Right on Ocoee-Apopka Road
Right on McCormick Road
Left on Damon Road
Right into the Park
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Board of Directors &
Horse Show Managers
President Wendy Trocano
Vice President Jacque Gellein
Treasurer Charlotte Ray
Corresponding Secretary Michelle Durocher
Horse Show Committee Laura Gurtis
Banquet Committee Jovanna Nelson
Rules & Regulations Committee Candy Murray
Hearings Committee Jacque Gellein
Exhibitors Committee & Special Awards Jenelle Branom
Fund Raising Committee Jovanna Nelson
Stewards Committee Maggie LeClair
Membership Committee Erin Hunt
Recording Secretary Suzy Fricke
Publicity Secretary Jovanna Nelson
Barrett Farm Horse Shows Jacque Gellein
Fox Cry Farms Horse Shows Donna Pierce
Over the Hill Farm Horse Shows Melissa Vander Vennet
Wendover Place Horse Show Wendy Trocano
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